Business Success in Aruba

Many international businesses have had success in Aruba or by using Aruba as the hub for doing business in Latin America.

TNO Caribbean Branch

TNO Caribbean Branch

“In 2011 TNO was assessing its International strategy and was interested in the Latin American and Caribbean markets. At the same time, the prime minister of Aruba was looking to establish a knowledge institute on the island, and so the match and the timing were perfect. Aruba’s strategic location, the legal and tax systems that are based on the Dutch system, the multilingual workforce, and the stable government makes it a very attractive place for European companies. In addition, Aruba has an excellent network in Latin America which has been extremely helpful in opening doors to achieve our goals of tapping into these markets. Currently, over 50% of our revenue comes from outside of Aruba. We would definitely recommend Aruba as a stepping stone to the Latin American and Caribbean region for companies that have the desire to enter these markets, but may not have the knowledge or experience within these markets.”

For more information about TNO and how they are making use of Aruba as a strategic location visit the TNO Website.


“SolCarib chose Aruba to be home for our business because of the ‘natural’ resources that it has to offer. We were looking for a place to launch our Caribbean Solar business and are excited at what we found Aruba: Sun, high energy costs, passionate people and a progressive government. Aruba already has successful green energy programs and projects that will continue to mean a bright future for Aruba. Other Caribbean and Latin American countries have yet to embrace distributed generation consistently. We know that Aruba will serve as a living demonstration to what is possible with Minister Eman’s continued leadership. ARINA was instrumental in helping us to navigate the steps necessary to step up and manage a business in Aruba. ARINA has continued to be supportive of our work and helped with all the immigration and business needs. They have made Aruba a comfortable place to build and expand a successful Caribbean business.”

For more information visit the SolCarib website.

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