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Aruba offers excellent opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs to channel business into the Caribbean, the Americas or Europe. In recent years, Aruba has developed into the ideal stepping stone to Europe for companies from Latin America and the United States, and vice versa. Our favorable geographical location between major international routes is just one of the many reasons for this development.

With a well-equipped seaport, a modern airport with excellent flight connections to the US, Europe and Latin America, state-of-the-art telecommunication facilities, a multilingual workforce with knowledge of the American, Latin American and European culture, and an exceptional quality of life, Aruba is the perfect location from which to explore new growth markets.

• Meeting place: Aruba is an ideal location for companies of both continents to meet one another to do business, since it is easy accessible and it is a world class tourist destination;
• Stepping stone: by using Aruba as a central hub, with regional offices, your company will be able to serve Latin American countries, the United States as well as European countries in a much more efficient manner;
• Showcase: by developing operational projects in Aruba, your company can use these projects as a showcase to sell the technology in Latin America, the United States and Europe;
• Knowledge hub: Aruba is developing into a unique niche market: sustainability, whereby Aruba’s expertise can be exported.

As part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, our island can offer even more added value essential for international business like political stability, a sound legal system and cooperation with the Kingdom embassies.

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